Name Esnee Easlea Alias Lambda Name
A New Run
MetaType Dark One Homeland UK Start Date Saturday july 9, 2072
Age 42 Sex Fem
Height Weight
Stream Info Savants UW141
Network Walking People UW146
Nuyen 7500¥
Karma 6
Body 2 Total Edge 1 Move 10m
Agility 3 Current Edge 1 Armor B6 6I
Reaction 3 Essence 6 Primary Melee Weapon
Strength 2 Resonence 4 Reach Dam AP
Charisma 4 Initiative 8 0 5 1/2
Intuition 5 Initiative Passes 1(3)
Logic 5 Matrix Initiative 10
Willpower 4
Comlink Renraku Sensei OS Renraku Ichi
Responce 2 System 2
Signal 4 Firewall 2
ARMOR Melee Weapons Contacts
Armor BST IMP Notes Weapon Dam AP Reach Name Loyalty Connection
UEJ Suit 6 6 NC3, SF6s, mp3, Biometer, AE/SSF/SR333 Stung Glove 5s 1/2 Adjacent Olivia St. Cloud FACE
Raven COV. OPS.
Skill RK DF Type Qualities Notes Name Binding Rating
Athletics 1 A Allergy(Mild) Sunlight CR94 Stealth Hacking 1
Climbing 1 A Low-light Vision RC114 Attack CyberCombat 1
Gymnastics 1 A Keen Eared RC114 Sniffer Hacking 1
Running 1 A Unusual Hair RC119 Command Varries 1
Swimming 1 A Technomancer Edit Computer 1
Biotech 2 A Natual Hardening CR95
Cybertech 2Log A Quick Healer CR95
First Aid 2Log A More Then Metahuman UW39
Medicine 2Log A Media Junky(Severe) music 4 hr -4adict UW40
Cracking 3 A Bioluminecent RC118
Cyber Combat 3Log A Distinctive Style RC103
EL Warfare 3Log A
Hacking 3Log A
Electronics 3 A
Computer 3Log A
Data Search 3Log A
Hardware 3Log A
Software 3Log A
Mechanic 3 A
Aero. Mech. 3Log A
Auto. Mech. 3Log A
Indu. Mech. 3Log A
Naut. Mech. 3Log A
Tasking 3 A
Compiling 3Res A
Decompiling 3Res A
Registering 3Res A
Gunnery 2Agi A
Perception 2Ini A
Pilot Ground 1Rea A
Unarmed 2Agi A
Music 6Log K

Matrix Games 4Log K
Matrix Culture 4Log K
Drones 4Log K
Programming 4Log K
Nightlife 4Log K
Fassion 4Log K
Tranq patch5 2
Trauma 1

Born in Essex, just outside of London on June 11th, 2025. Her parents were dedicated technophiles who grew up going to summer raves, and her attatchment to glow and nightlife was fueled by their parenting.
She was a daddy’s girl, taking to tinkering after her father’s proffession of repairing auto and robotics equipment. Her mother on the other hand was involved in programming and taught her the basics early.
She had a good relationship with both of her parents, and was crushed by their death in 2046 due to the Para-VITAS outbreak in Tynesprawl. at the time she had been off at uni and they had been on vacation.
after the incident she floated about for nearly ten years working a mix of tech and repair jobs trying to work up the nuyen to afford a change of scenery. Not being able to easily leave her home during the day
and trying to loose herself DJing in the dregs of a rave nightlife in london she was still coasting by in 2055 when the crash 2.0 hit and she woke up in a hospital, unable to recall weither she’d been the DJ or a
dancer the night before. In fact she’d been both on the dancefloor and controlling the sets, without ever turning on her Com. Instead of spending time coming to terms with the realization, she gathered what
she could together and from her life and used a combination of the confusion following the crash and her new found tallents to slip through the cracks in Bristol across the pond to the U.S. She enjoyed the annonimity
so much that she never bothered to get her SIN reRegistered and simply slipped into the backgrounds as a shadowRunner.
Her home often gets called “The Cave” due to it’s dark and eclectic nature. most of the light in her home comes either from various forms of glow, the drones she has opperational, and her own personal fur
bioluminecent mods. There is always a bassline to be heard in her home, though perhaps faint to the common ear, she has music loud enough to dance to anywhere she can manage it and doesn’t feel at home until
music is pumping. Very different from this, her virtual home is much closer to a mountain retreat, it is structured to resemble a mountain forest, filled with a confusing array of caverns and a relaxing variety of streams.
While she will be the first to stomp your face in with one of her droids, or to foribly remove you from the matrix, at the end of the day she likes to think of herself as only playfully agressive. This doesn’t stop her
from getting out of hand when she has her tech to back her up though…
she is facinated by the normal life people live, though she realizes she would not be able to give up her current lifestyle
Loosing her Tecnomancer abilities woudl likely be one of her greatest fears, even if most of her body were destroyed she can still live virtually, and her virtual lifestyle allows her to live contently IRL
she wanted to be a famous music artist, even her early droids and programs were influenced by a love of music. These days that dream still lives, though it now has a slightly different tint since being in such a famous
position would either make her and easy mark as a criminal or allow her to avoid persecution for it
Lambda or DJ Lambda, is a name she picked up while raving DJing in the UK due to her slighly green fur color and “halflife” living both as a DJ and an educated worker.
As Lambda often will state she “believes in The Party” and has a near religious attatchment to music and dancing. This goes to the point of her almost being uneasy when there isn’t music playing in earshot and she
frequesntly has music playing in the matrix if there isn’t music playing in earshot.
Due to the terrorist attacks of her childhood and the ambiguous nature in which many of them occurred she has a distrust of large corperations. This also extends to people or groups of “koolaid drinkers” or people
who blindly follow a leader. While she has no interest in being a leader herself, she often will butt heads with whomever is in charge just to make sure they are kept in check, though seldom does so when it would
be detrimental to goals at hand.
Her past in the rave scene has introduced her to many personalities, drugs, and walks of life. As such she has a very open mind about how people live their lives. This has actually turned into a constant curiosity
about others, she often plays around with people to get a feel for them and is not above snooping into their digital footprint to better understand someone who has peeked her interest. In fact she spends a
signifigant quantity of time researching people and their lives, along with music, code, and cultural trivia. It is not uncommon for her to bring up some random obscure cultural refference that even remotely relates
to the current situation, though often she is often only about half-right about it being relevent.


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