A New Run

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A Quick Run
Olivia gets a call for a meeting at a local bar. Mr. Johnson needs a package picked up from Gene-Tek, a body mod shop in the C.S.A. section of Denver. He needs the package picked up within the hour and transported about 20 mins away. Once they settle on a price, with a added cost for the short window of time, Olivia thinks of the perfect three Runners whom she has worked with before. Lambda, the tech wiz and fixer, Chronos, the smuggler, and Raven, the silent killer type, all get a message. Lambda begins to gather info on the place and pull security footage, while Chronos and Raven head to the pick up spot. Once the two get to the alley, Lambda cuts the cameras as a lady brings out a wooden crate about 6 feet long and 3 wide. Raven and Chronos both realize that riding up on motorcycles was a bad plan. Raven grabs her Ultrawideband radar and sees what looks like a human inside. They crack open the box and find an unconscious man in a lad coat, name badge and all.They sit him on the back of Chronos’ bike. She users her web glad to stick the man to her motorcycle and her back. Just as they get him on the bike, two security guards with the lab logo show up and demand the man. Lambda hacks one of the nearby dumpsters and sends it rolling at the guards while Chronos and Raven ride out of the alley at top speed. Chronos hauls ass and is able to ride in the wake of a fire truck for a few miles before she splits off to head to the drop point. Raven meets her there a minute later and they hand the man over to the lady there.
  • Mission: Complete.
  • Payment: 19,800
The Gangers Run

The team was given a new job. Olivia meets with a woman whose husband has been kidnapped. He is being held for ransom for an undisclosed object. Lambda has able to enhance the ransom video and find a ganger symbol. Using security footage from around town, she was able to find a low rent hotel that a lot of the gangers stayed at. Chronos and Raven showed up to see if the kidnapped man was there. Chronos started at the bottom and Raven started on the roof. Chronos walked in, and seeing only two ganger talking outside a room, headed for the elevator. Raven entered from the roof access door, which Lambda had to open. A ganger near the door heard it open and Raven knocked him unconscious. Chronos went to the second floor and pretended to be a higher up for the gangers, telling them to get running because the cops were headed to this hideout. With the help of Lambda sending fake e-mails, the gangers started to head out. Raven, meanwhile, was sneaking around the 3rd floor and found a ganger and a female in the bathtub, with an AK-98 against the wall. Lambda cut the lights and Raven ran in and stole the gun. The ganger and the lady never noticed the gun went missing. About this time, Chronos made it to the 3rd floor. Using the same line about the cops, got a few of the gangers to leave, but a couple of them did not believe the story and started to challenge Chronos. There was no fighting as the remaining gangers just ignored Chronos and went back to what they were doing. Seeing that the kidnapped man was not in this building, Raven went back to the roof and Chronos asked Lambda to trigger the fire alarm to hide his getting out. Raven saw all the people out front of the building and decided to take the ganger outfit off the unconscious man. Chronos went to the first floor and found the the gangers were no longer believing his story and were checking everyone who was trying to leave. Rather than risk a fire fight with several ganger in a room full of bystanders, Chronos headed back to the second floor and find a second way out. Several new gangers had showed up armed, wondering what was happening. Lambda was able to hack a car that a ganger was in and locked him in. Raven repelled down from the roof and Chronos jumped out of the second story window, both meeting up behind the building. The two of them got on their bikes and rode with the car, Controlled by Lambda, to a safe house that Raven had used before. Chronos tied the ganger up and Raven questioned him about the location of the kidnapped man. All he knew was of a warehouse location that might be the spot that was holding the man. The ganger was moved to the bathroom and tied to the pipes.


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